The Ghibli World Project

Gosh, I have a lot to update about on this blog. In late February I released an application page to ask for help in making my Ghibli Minecraft projects. I paired that with a video on the YouTube channel:

After a week or two, I had about 40 applications. From that I chose about 15 builders, and 6 of them I personally interviewed to become regional managers. These regional managers would be in charge of coordinating builds in one of three regions. Our map was divided into the Spirited Away area, the “real-world” area outside of the Spirited Away realm, and the village of My Neighbor Totoro, which is connected to the real world by a dirt road. Each region would be headed up by two regional managers, and they would be responsible for doing research and creating jobs in the “Job List” google doc, that any builder could sign up for. Here is our progress since then!

We currently have over 50 builders, a team of command block wizards, and a close to finished Totoro area. Soon I’ll be creating a cinematic trailer for the Totoro map, and we will expand our efforts to the creation of the world of Howl’s Moving Castle.

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Finally filling in empty areas.

I guess a decent amount has happened since last post.

I filled in Yubaba’s Kitchen. Now every room that you see in the movie is finished. All the other rooms are implied.

Me and a friend built an outdoor hot spring on the side of the bathhouse.2015-04-24_00.27.50 2015-04-24_00.28.05 2015-04-24_00.28.24

And just today I spent about 8 hours in the back of the bathhouse, filling in anything that looked empty:

2015-10-03_12.13.57 2015-10-03_12.14.04 2015-10-03_14.55.42 2015-10-03_14.55.55 2015-10-03_14.56.36 2015-10-03_14.57.12 2015-10-03_14.57.21 2015-10-03_14.57.35 2015-10-03_14.58.14 2015-10-03_15.03.47

Definitely has more character now.

You can download it here!

World File (1.8.8): October 3, 2015

—>Download (Mediafire)