Finally filling in empty areas.

I guess a decent amount has happened since last post.

I filled in Yubaba’s Kitchen. Now every room that you see in the movie is finished. All the other rooms are implied.

Me and a friend built an outdoor hot spring on the side of the bathhouse.2015-04-24_00.27.50 2015-04-24_00.28.05 2015-04-24_00.28.24

And just today I spent about 8 hours in the back of the bathhouse, filling in anything that looked empty:

2015-10-03_12.13.57 2015-10-03_12.14.04 2015-10-03_14.55.42 2015-10-03_14.55.55 2015-10-03_14.56.36 2015-10-03_14.57.12 2015-10-03_14.57.21 2015-10-03_14.57.35 2015-10-03_14.58.14 2015-10-03_15.03.47

Definitely has more character now.

You can download it here!

World File (1.8.8): October 3, 2015


Public Server and Livestream!

Big news:

The Spirited Away map is now a public Minecraft server!
So you can visit me as I’m building, and see all the latest edits as they are being build, instead of waiting for the latest download!
The resource pack also updates automatically when you join the server.

But how will you know when I’m building?

By following me on my new Twitch channel!
Twitch is a live-streaming platform that allows viewers to chat with the streamer through the chatbox. It’s most often used to stream games.

Follow me on Twitch and you’ll get notified when I go live on the server!

Oh yeah, here’s the server address: