Spirited Away songs composed using Minecraft Note Blocks

Here you go!

I used a combination of Minecraft Note Block Studio as well as MCEdit to make it so that when you travel along the train tracks in the Spirited Away world, it plays a song from the movie.

“One Summer’s Day” is the song that is currently on the tracks in the world. It is the main theme song of Spirited Away.

“The Sixth Station” is the actual song that plays when Chihiro is riding the train to get to Zeniba’s swamp. You can hear it at 4:00 of the video.

Both songs were written by Joe Hisaishi.

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The Tour Concludes! Now to play with shaders.

The final video in the tour!

Here are the screenshots:


I finally figured out that the reason I couldn’t get shaders to work was because I didn’t update my graphics card driver. duh…
When I did it, I was in heaven.

I used Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders: the 10.1 preview with volumetric clouds, and 10 with Ultra DOF.

I’m working on a trailer of the world using the shaders.

Here are the world and texture pack download links!

World File (1.7.5): Mar 1, 2014

—>Download (Mediafire)

Custom 32X32 TP (1.7.5): Mar 1, 2014

—>Download 1 (Revenue from this link helps support the project server costs!)

—>Download 2 (Mediafire)

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