The Ghibli World Project

Gosh, I have a lot to update about on this blog. In late February I released an application page to ask for help in making my Ghibli Minecraft projects. I paired that with a video on the YouTube channel:

After a week or two, I had about 40 applications. From that I chose about 15 builders, and 6 of them I personally interviewed to become regional managers. These regional managers would be in charge of coordinating builds in one of three regions. Our map was divided into the Spirited Away area, the “real-world” area outside of the Spirited Away realm, and the village of My Neighbor Totoro, which is connected to the real world by a dirt road. Each region would be headed up by two regional managers, and they would be responsible for doing research and creating jobs in the “Job List” google doc, that any builder could sign up for. Here is our progress since then!

We currently have over 50 builders, a team of command block wizards, and a close to finished Totoro area. Soon I’ll be creating a cinematic trailer for the Totoro map, and we will expand our efforts to the creation of the world of Howl’s Moving Castle.

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Finally filling in empty areas.

I guess a decent amount has happened since last post.

I filled in Yubaba’s Kitchen. Now every room that you see in the movie is finished. All the other rooms are implied.

Me and a friend built an outdoor hot spring on the side of the bathhouse.2015-04-24_00.27.50 2015-04-24_00.28.05 2015-04-24_00.28.24

And just today I spent about 8 hours in the back of the bathhouse, filling in anything that looked empty:

2015-10-03_12.13.57 2015-10-03_12.14.04 2015-10-03_14.55.42 2015-10-03_14.55.55 2015-10-03_14.56.36 2015-10-03_14.57.12 2015-10-03_14.57.21 2015-10-03_14.57.35 2015-10-03_14.58.14 2015-10-03_15.03.47

Definitely has more character now.

You can download it here!

World File (1.8.8): October 3, 2015

—>Download (Mediafire)

Public Server and Livestream!

Big news:

The Spirited Away map is now a public Minecraft server!
So you can visit me as I’m building, and see all the latest edits as they are being build, instead of waiting for the latest download!
The resource pack also updates automatically when you join the server.

But how will you know when I’m building?

By following me on my new Twitch channel!
Twitch is a live-streaming platform that allows viewers to chat with the streamer through the chatbox. It’s most often used to stream games.

Follow me on Twitch and you’ll get notified when I go live on the server!

Oh yeah, here’s the server address:

Banners and Backside Beautification

Love this picture so much I had to put it first. New addition to the ghost town, viewed with shaders

Alan here!

So yes, we will be making the server public soon once everything is worked out. I would like to start streaming our building sessions, which would take place directly on the server, so anyone could join while we are building. But until then here’s a 1.8 update!

So when banners were added to Minecraft I immediately thought of the blue cloth hanging over the entrance. When I tried out banners myself, I realized they weren’t long enough and didn’t hang from ceilings. Also the Japanese character written on the blue cloth did not seem possible despite how many options were available. Every letter of the Roman alphabet was possible, but probably not the Japanese alphabet.


Eventually I decided to try it out and found that I could place banners on fences, and if I had two rows of fence, I could layer banners over each other to make them longer. This allowed for much more flexibility in writing Japanese characters, and so I was able to come up with something fairly close:


With banners as a new option, it opened so many doors for creating appealing and realistic Japanese buildings. Using the photos I took in Japan, me and a friend attacked the far side of the Ghost Town, which was at the time an ugly jumble of very very old buildings that had been duplicated from other parts of the town. Here’s what it looked like before:


And here’s what it looks like now:


Mind you it’s not finished; the pink, yellow and white buildings still need work. But some of the buildings, like these two, went through a complete transformation:



These two buildings are based on real buildings that I saw in Japan. Here are a few more.



I also added banners in places that needed them, namely this spot:


Me and two other friends also gave the backside of the bathhouse a long awaited fix up. Before:




Love that red roofing.
Also some of the blank rooms inside the bathhouse were filled in, including the bottom of the elevator near the boiler room, the one with all the gears:


So until we get the public server up, here’s the latest download of the world!

World File (1.8.3): Feb 21, 2015

—>Download (Mediafire)


The field is now FLOOD READY!

I’ve been animating a lot lately, so I haven’t been making updates to the Spirited Away world. But now that I’m finished with Animator vs. Animation IV, I can devote more time to this map. Another reason why I haven’t done much is because I’ve been waiting for 1.8 to come out, so that I can release features that involve the /clone and /fill commands. THIS IS ONE OF THOSE FEATURES!

In Spirited Away, Chihiro and her parents cross a grassy field to get to the ghost town. When night falls, and Chihiro’s parents turn into pigs, she flees back toward the field, only to find that it has become overrun by water.

chihiro_dry_1chihiro_dry_2chihiro_water_1 chihiro_water_2   chihiro_water_3

In order to stay true to the movie as possible, my Minecraft map needed to include a field that floods only at night. Thanks to the 1.8 update, it is now possible! Using the /clone command, I can make the field slowly fill up with water when nights falls, and drain back to normal when the sun rises. Check it out!

More updates to come!