Public Spirited Away Server

Hey, Sean here, I know it’s been a while since we have updated you guys on our project developments but I have one update to put forward. Alan approached me the other day with the idea of opening a Minecraft server with the Spirited Away world on it as a public viewing option. I used to own and operate a popular Minecraft server and community a few years back, so my retained knowledge of Minecraft server operations will allow me to create this server with ease, if not for the recent Bukkit altercations.

Unknown to me after my years of absence from the Bukkit community, Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Mojang has caused massive rifts in the modding community and severally harmed the operations of Bukkits’ team. To make a long story short, my understanding of the entire Bukkit situation has led me to believe that Bukkit is out, and something called Spigot is in.

Spigot will enable us (as Bukkit would have) to run the plugins necessary for the server to allow guests to use mechanisms such as levels, doors and switches while protecting the integrity of the creations and “god-modeing” all blocks. This way the common griefer’s activities will be rendered mute and guests can safely roam about the world, using all the fantastic inventions and accessing all the mystical locations Spirited Away has to offer. Also, it has been formally stated that Spigot will officially continue Bukkit’s game version updates, hence to the most recent 1.8 changes (critical to Alan’s previous additions) will only be accessible through Spigot. Luckily enough, guests will continue the server theme of easy-access, meaning players will not have to do anything to be able to join the server.

To wrap around back to the issue at hand, I am completely unfamiliar with Spigot and am praying it will not be ridiculously different from Bukkit in nature and I am counting on the plugin developers to utilize Spigot. I am 100% certain that this server will be completed in the near future, but this update is not only to announce the servers’ creation, but to let you know it will take a bit more time. Between school, work, and the Spigot acclamation, this project will take some time to perfect before it is advertised to the public. The host has been purchased and we have confirmed our map works with the base Spigot server type, soon I will begin testing possible plugins to perform our block protections.


Thank You

Let me start by saying, wow. I cannot begin to express how thankful Alan and I are for the overwhelming amount of positive feedback we have gotten from everyone over the past few days. It’s unbelievable, I’d like to thank the Reddit and Kotaku communities who embraced our project wholeheartedly and helped spread the word about this project. As you may or may not be aware, Alan has been working on this project for years now, and only recently have I joined the scene to assist him on construction and public relations such as this website. So believe me, he is feeling this reception much stronger than myself (and lovin’ it). I digress, the acknowledgement by these major outlets is a feat that I never saw this project achieving, at least not this rapidly, but its a sight for sore eyes and we are welcoming it with open arms!

With this new found recognition, a new fire has been lit in our “inspiration kilns”, so to speak, and we are both hard at work with this project whenever a free moment in our busy lives arises, fixing incorrect areas and enhancing other unfinished or less detailed sectors. Below is a photo of the (work-in-progress) Yubaba hallways with the new vase textures and such. This photo was taken on our private construction server and is not yet available for download, but will be included in the next patch. xD


In other news, with this added interest in our project, I will 100% stream all of the construction I take part in on my Twitch channel (button at the top of the page). Keep in mind that some of the construction takes place outside of our server by Alan, so not all the changes will be documented. Also note that this is my personal stream and I do play other games from time to time, but if you do chose to “follow” me all of my streams will be correctly titled so you can identify when I’m working on the project from your email notifications telling you that I went live. Also if you have not yet found Alan’s Minecraft Youtube channel, here is the link.

One more note on our project, we do have to pay out-of-pocket the cost of web hosting and Minecraft server hosting, without the Minecraft server it would be impossible for Alan and I to work together without the other being present; he lives on the East coast of the United States and myself on the West, so we need this server to meet and synchronize our progress. The costs of these two hosting packages and not outrageous, but I am a college student and it does dent my leaking bank account since both hosting packages are attached to my Paypal. What I’m saying is that if you enjoy what we have done and would like to not only see this project finished but future Studio Ghibli/Miyazaki worlds created in the future as pristine as this one, we would deeply appreciate a small donation to the cause. Below is a fancy Paypal donation button, a few pennies or a dollar or two, it all helps us offset the costs of the project like the hosting packages, but also the thousands of hours spent in block by block construction.

Thank you again, everyone. It’s been an exciting few days seeing how our project has hit the spotlight of many leading gaming communities as well as the fans of Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki. We hope to continue our own interests in the subject for a long time to come, and in gratitude for your support provide the best possible recreations of the worlds manifested in these films and in our hearts. If you have any suggestions for our Spirited Away recreation or future projects, leave a comment below and we will do our best to read them all!

The Simpsons Studio Ghibli Tribute

Saw this when I woke up today, I am sure nothing can damper my spirits for at least five days after seeing the Simpsons embrace Studio Ghibli. Lately (past 2-3 seasons) The Simpsons have been rather dull and many of the key jokes lost in translation, but this short shows that The Simpsons haven’t missed a beat in representing some of popular cultures greatest hits. *bows to the writers*

Early January Update

Well well well, I apologize for the delay of this post, it could have been made as much as a week ago but I left town for San Francisco California, USA to watch my college football team (Washington Huskies) take on the BYU Cougars in the Fight Hunger Bowl at AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants. It was a worthwhile trip with the family and my team won 31-16 with all the aspects you’d like to see from your team such as a 103 yard kick-off return for a TD by John Ross III early in the 2nd quarter to take a 14-7 lead. Below is a post-game photo of me with Cyler Miles, our future quarterback, btw I’m not small he is 6-6 220 lbs! But enough of football (because I could honestly talk about it for days on end without running out of material), let’s get to this Spirited Away Recreation Update.


So much has been done to the world since its previous update that I know I will miss at least 25% of the changes in this post, partly because of my patchy memory and the fact that I am currently typing this post in the back of our car as we travel North on I-5 making our way home, with no reference whatsoever to the world file. Below however are the major changes that I am not only certain of but know will be the highlight of your experience in the updated world.

-Fully automatic elevators have been added linking the base of the bathhouse with the middle levels as well as Yubaba’s floor.
-The distance between the bathhouse and Granny’s farm has doubled according to Alan, this was done to present a more realistic experience time-wise when traveling the route.
-Cancer has not yet been cured, but it’s a work in progress.
-Yubab’s floor has been cleaned, so to speak, and the attic has been made into a functioning room.
-The tower atop the bathhouse has been modified for realism.
-Ichigo was reportedly taking massive amounts of PED’s throughout the filming of Bleach, hence his god-like abilities. Urahara continues to push for the legalization of marijuana, cuz you know, it would be a big seller in his candy shop.
-Many structures in the ghost town have been updated with significantly more detail, more buildings will be modified similarly as time goes on. A couple of these structures include the restaurant Chihiro’s parents eat at and the pinkish corner building by the main steps.
-Several new structures as well as terrain adjustments have been made in the southwestern corner on the bathhouse to match the scene in which Haku finds Chihiro fading into oblivion by the water’s edge.
-Sakura remains useless to the plot and should just kill herself already.
-Alan has started a new Youtube channel devoted to Minecraft and this project, check it out and be sure to subscribe!
-You will find that transparent glass has been incorporated into many different facets of construction, Alan was able to create an excellent No-Face replica with a picture and black transparent glass. Paper mesh walls with a level of transparency were also made possible by this new Minecraft addition.
-No-Face’s gender has yet to be determined, more on this later.
-New double-decker flowers have been added in the gardens and in the path leading to the pig farm.

That’s about all I can come up with, if I left anything out consider it a pleasant surprise when you find the changes in game. In the next update I can say with certainty that there will be more dorms constructed against that back, inner wall of the bathhouse. Though these dorms are never seen in the movie, this is one of those things you can only imagine would exist and we use our best imaginative skills to create the most appropriate rooms possible. Expansion of the southwest corner of the ghost town has also been planned to fill in the blank area Haku rushes Chihiro through on the way to the bathhouse. Alan also intends to create the pot textures on Yubaba’s floor and hallways. Anyway, that’s all for now guys, download links have been updated appropriately and the media page is under constant work so don’t forget to check there once in a while for new photos of content not yet available in the downloads!

Mid December Progress


Alan is working hard on getting the proper 1×1 scale this project aims to achieve by maneuvering large chunks of land and building. He has doubled the length of the train tracks to more accurately represent the distance Chihiro and company travel. The back end of the bath house is also getting extended outward to meet interior needs and the tower atop the bath house has also been added/enhanced. Alan and I are both working on increasing the level of detail of the Ghost Town buildings. We are utilizing hundreds of photo’s of concept art to move screenshots compiled by Alan as references. I can’t say much for my contribution this early December because I’ve been stuck preparing and taking finals but this update of progress towards the next world file is accurate.

NO NEW WORLD FILE AS OF THIS POST, these changes I mentioned above are only present in our private server, but when we feel enough work and cleanup has been done to warrant an updated world file, I will let everyone know when that day comes. A new texture pack will also be released with said world file because a lot of work has been done by Alan in fully incorporating the new semi-transparent blocks.