Banners and Backside Beautification

Love this picture so much I had to put it first. New addition to the ghost town, viewed with shaders

Alan here!

So yes, we will be making the server public soon once everything is worked out. I would like to start streaming our building sessions, which would take place directly on the server, so anyone could join while we are building. But until then here’s a 1.8 update!

So when banners were added to Minecraft I immediately thought of the blue cloth hanging over the entrance. When I tried out banners myself, I realized they weren’t long enough and didn’t hang from ceilings. Also the Japanese character written on the blue cloth did not seem possible despite how many options were available. Every letter of the Roman alphabet was possible, but probably not the Japanese alphabet.


Eventually I decided to try it out and found that I could place banners on fences, and if I had two rows of fence, I could layer banners over each other to make them longer. This allowed for much more flexibility in writing Japanese characters, and so I was able to come up with something fairly close:


With banners as a new option, it opened so many doors for creating appealing and realistic Japanese buildings. Using the photos I took in Japan, me and a friend attacked the far side of the Ghost Town, which was at the time an ugly jumble of very very old buildings that had been duplicated from other parts of the town. Here’s what it looked like before:


And here’s what it looks like now:


Mind you it’s not finished; the pink, yellow and white buildings still need work. But some of the buildings, like these two, went through a complete transformation:



These two buildings are based on real buildings that I saw in Japan. Here are a few more.



I also added banners in places that needed them, namely this spot:


Me and two other friends also gave the backside of the bathhouse a long awaited fix up. Before:




Love that red roofing.
Also some of the blank rooms inside the bathhouse were filled in, including the bottom of the elevator near the boiler room, the one with all the gears:


So until we get the public server up, here’s the latest download of the world!

World File (1.8.3): Feb 21, 2015

—>Download (Mediafire)


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