Bath House is getting beefier

Hey guys, Alan here.

My friend Sean (Natokill4) helped fill in the back area of the bath house where all the dorms are, with generic rooms, hallways, stairs, and what not. Definitely feels more complete, although there’s much more to be done. I added the hallway that Lin and Chihiro sneak through to get upstairs:


I made this for the sake of episode 4 of my tour. Since I was doing the tour according to what happens sequentially in the movie, the tour could not continue without this hallway. haha. Here’s part 4 of the tour:

I also cleared out the back wall of the bath area. This was a hard decision because some screenshots show that this whole side of the room is just a wall, but other screenshots say otherwise. I decided to do this because it allows for the No-Face chase scene to make sense. He has to come out from a long hallway and the only direction that has enough space for that is from the back.



Also note the new elevator on the left side. That’s the elevator that Lin and Chihiro take that puts them face to face with the Radish Spirit.

Also filled in the side of two of the floors in the main atrium. This is the hallway that Chihiro comes out of after waking up when Lin runs up to her and shows her a piece of gold.

I also edited the textures for the tall flowers and sponge!

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Thanks for reading!

-Alan Becker

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