The Simpsons Studio Ghibli Tribute

Saw this when I woke up today, I am sure nothing can damper my spirits for at least five days after seeing the Simpsons embrace Studio Ghibli. Lately (past 2-3 seasons) The Simpsons have been rather dull and many of the key jokes lost in translation, but this short shows that The Simpsons haven’t missed a beat in representing some of popular cultures greatest hits. *bows to the writers*

Adam Savage as No-Face

First off, I already have a massive amount of respect for Adam from Mythbusters, in total I must have watched 90% of all of that shows episodes as live premiers. To find that Adam not only does cosplay, but of Miyazaki’s films and Spirited Away no less, this just blows my mind! So glad I found this video and his Youtube channel, it’s a must watch.


Beginning (Honestly its the Middle)

My interest in Miyazaki’s work stems as far back as my 5th birthday when my parents rented Princess Mononoke for our traditional birthday-film-of-the-year. This film scared the living shit out of me at the time, and that might be why the memory of the event and the movie are so strong to me but nonetheless it left a meaningful impression that has remained with me to this day. Fast forward 14 years, my admiration and fascination for Miyazaki’s work continues to mount and I long to take my interests to a higher level.

About a month ago, I was stuck in my Urban Geography class at the University of Washington and quickly running out of lame things to Google as a source of relief from the tear-jerking boredom this class creates each day for me. After much meditation, I decided to use the remainder of the class searching for ways to expand on my interest in Miyazaki’s fantasy worlds through my equally great interest in video games. With no such clue on where to begin my search, I defaulted to a few simple Google searches and quickly came fell into Alan Beckers Planet Minecraft post regarding his recreation of the Spirited Away world. I was so amazed by the detail and legit 1/1 scale of the craft that I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Noticing that he had not marked this project as anything close to finished, I rushed to message him and express my interest in joining the project. To make a long story short, we spoke a few times and he accepted me as an assistant to his creation.

As things are now, we do our best to find openings in our schedules to work on the project, but we are very busy peeps. There is also a three hour difference between our time zones ┬áso as much as we try to find times in our schedules that allow us to get together, its not very easy. I am a full-time student at the University of Washington and also work full-time. Alan does something, God knows what xD but he is also very busy! Since forming this alliance, we have purchased a whitelisted Minecraft server that allows us to work on the project whenever possible without having to both be present. I have also pitched in and put together this website in hopes to draw interest to this project as well as future endeavors. We cannot provide a timeline for this project but know that it is being worked on daily by one or both of us; a couple of Alan’s friends have also joined the show to help when possible.

The greatest motivation imo is knowing that there are individuals out there that support us in this project and enjoy the work we are creating, so if you enjoy our recreation of the Spirited Away universe, please do tell your friends and help spread the word to those who you feel would also be interested in this project. More to come, thanks!