Mid December Progress


Alan is working hard on getting the proper 1×1 scale this project aims to achieve by maneuvering large chunks of land and building. He has doubled the length of the train tracks to more accurately represent the distance Chihiro and company travel. The back end of the bath house is also getting extended outward to meet interior needs and the tower atop the bath house has also been added/enhanced. Alan and I are both working on increasing the level of detail of the Ghost Town buildings. We are utilizing hundreds of photo’s of concept art to move screenshots compiled by Alan as references. I can’t say much for my contribution this early December because I’ve been stuck preparing and taking finals but this update of progress towards the next world file is accurate.

NO NEW WORLD FILE AS OF THIS POST, these changes I mentioned above are only present in our private server, but when we feel enough work and cleanup has been done to warrant an updated world file, I will let everyone know when that day comes. A new texture pack will also be released with said world file because a lot of work has been done by Alan in fully incorporating the new semi-transparent blocks.

1.7 Update

From Alan

With the arrival of 1.7 I had some major plans with the addition of stained glass and tall flowers.

I completely remade the flower area where Haku takes Chihiro to see her parents in the pig farm, and added flowers on every block. lots of flowers. Almost wish there were 3-high flowers to get the full effect.

I replaced colored clay with stained glass in many areas in the interior of the bathing area, particularly above where the foreman hands out bath tokens. changed the sides of that room as well as the bridge on the third level to look much more attractive.

Made Chihiro’s dorm area look SICK by using haybales as the tatami mats, doors for the walls, carpet as sleeping bags, and a working light switch.

After reading “The Art of Spirited Away” and looking at concept sketches,I realize that I had the layout of the interior done entirely wrong. There is actually an atrium shaft that goes from the bottom floor all the way to the top of the building, but I only had it go up three floors and then become a kitchen. That is currently under heavy construction, I deleted most of the rooms that were in the way of the atrium, so right now it’s just solid stone. I added the tower on the top of the building, which I should have added a long time ago, which I think represents the top of the atrium.

Also widened the entire bathhouse by 8 blocks to make the bath area bigger. Some rooms may have “stretch marks” as a result.

Added the secondary tower/bath area that exists on the exterior, to the right if facing the building. You never see it close up, but it exists.

Still working!

Expanded Pig Farm & Minor Aesthetics


The bathing area looks SO MUCH BETTER with iron doors as borders instead of clay blocks, and lowering the bath sections by half a block.

Pig farm looks SO MUCH BETTER (except that I forgot to add pigs in the latest download file, thats the finishing touch) and it’s so much more accurate too, with four/five buildings instead of 2.

Added a rail system that connects the first building to the railway beside the bathhouse.

added smoke coming out of the smokestack.