Dorms and Pigs!

Tour Episode number 6 is out!

I’ve also updated the world and texture download links!


Texture Pack:
Download 1 (charity download that helps our server costs)
Download 2

Sean and I added buildings for the scene where Haku saves Chihiro from being a ghost and runs her to the back of the pig farm. In the movie it’s just a blur of lights and buildings, so we didn’t have much to go off. He did most of the work here.

I added a small pond on the opposite side of the front garden, with a little shrine thing coming out of the water:

I also edited the texture for orange stained glass:

Also improved Yubaba’s Painting:

and added a painting with tree designs for the dorms:

And I plan to make the whole bathhouse wider and taller, while enlarging the center front structures to balance it out.

Thanks for watching!

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