No-Face Chases Chihiro all the way down!

New Tour Video! Episode number 10.



I added the room No-Face is in when Chihiro feeds him the medicine ball, causing him to puke, and chase her all the way down a series of stairs, through a kitchen (which I had a lot of fun making) and outside, to the dock where Lin takes her to the train platform. Kitchen No-Face walks through Changed the cobblestone texture to fit the shape of cobblestone fences better, since I used it for some pipes as well as No-Face’s legs. By the way, the red thing is a lobster :) cobble_compare_2 It also blends in with stone a little more nicely, and when combined with mossy cobblestone it makes a nice “water erosion” effect. spirited_away_minecraft_cobble_compare_1 Here are the download links:

World File (1.7.4): Feb 24, 2014

—>Download (Mediafire)

Custom 32X32 TP (1.7.4): Feb 24, 2014

—>Download 1 (Revenue from this link helps support the project server costs!) —>Download 2 (Mediafire) That’s all for now! Thanks for your interest!

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