Finally filling in empty areas.

I guess a decent amount has happened since last post.

I filled in Yubaba’s Kitchen. Now every room that you see in the movie is finished. All the other rooms are implied.

Me and a friend built an outdoor hot spring on the side of the bathhouse.2015-04-24_00.27.50 2015-04-24_00.28.05 2015-04-24_00.28.24

And just today I spent about 8 hours in the back of the bathhouse, filling in anything that looked empty:

2015-10-03_12.13.57 2015-10-03_12.14.04 2015-10-03_14.55.42 2015-10-03_14.55.55 2015-10-03_14.56.36 2015-10-03_14.57.12 2015-10-03_14.57.21 2015-10-03_14.57.35 2015-10-03_14.58.14 2015-10-03_15.03.47

Definitely has more character now.

You can download it here!

World File (1.8.8): October 3, 2015

—>Download (Mediafire)

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