I figured out how to flood the field with water!

Check it out!

Also here’s the latest Tour Video! I made Baby’s Room more circular and large, added some new wool textures for pillows, and made a shaft that goes all the way from Yubaba’s Room down to the Boiler Room.

Since the movie contains a architectural contradiction in that Chihiro runs from the bathroom (under Yubaba’s Floor) straight into Baby’s Room (two floors up), I used command blocks to teleport the player to Baby’s Room when they reach a certain checkpoint.

World File (1.7.4): Feb 13, 2014

—>Download (Mediafire)

Custom 32X32 TP (1.7.4): Feb 13, 2014

—>Download 1 (Revenue from this link helps support the project server costs!)

—>Download 2 (Mediafire)

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