Public Spirited Away Server

Hey, Sean here, I know it’s been a while since we have updated you guys on our project developments but I have one update to put forward. Alan approached me the other day with the idea of opening a Minecraft server with the Spirited Away world on it as a public viewing option. I used to own and operate a popular Minecraft server and community a few years back, so my retained knowledge of Minecraft server operations will allow me to create this server with ease, if not for the recent Bukkit altercations.

Unknown to me after my years of absence from the Bukkit community, Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Mojang has caused massive rifts in the modding community and severally harmed the operations of Bukkits’ team. To make a long story short, my understanding of the entire Bukkit situation has led me to believe that Bukkit is out, and something called Spigot is in.

Spigot will enable us (as Bukkit would have) to run the plugins necessary for the server to allow guests to use mechanisms such as levels, doors and switches while protecting the integrity of the creations and “god-modeing” all blocks. This way the common griefer’s activities will be rendered mute and guests can safely roam about the world, using all the fantastic inventions and accessing all the mystical locations Spirited Away has to offer. Also, it has been formally stated that Spigot will officially continue Bukkit’s game version updates, hence to the most recent 1.8 changes (critical to Alan’s previous additions) will only be accessible through Spigot. Luckily enough, guests will continue the server theme of easy-access, meaning players will not have to do anything to be able to join the server.

To wrap around back to the issue at hand, I am completely unfamiliar with Spigot and am praying it will not be ridiculously different from Bukkit in nature and I am counting on the plugin developers to utilize Spigot. I am 100% certain that this server will be completed in the near future, but this update is not only to announce the servers’ creation, but to let you know it will take a bit more time. Between school, work, and the Spigot acclamation, this project will take some time to perfect before it is advertised to the public. The host has been purchased and we have confirmed our map works with the base Spigot server type, soon I will begin testing possible plugins to perform our block protections.


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