I took a trip to Japan and now I understand.

Hey guys! Alan here.

There haven’t been any changes to the Spirited Away map in many months, but that doesn’t mean it’s finished! I’ve actually been waiting for 1.8 to be released to implement two specific things – having the field flood at night, and having the bouncing lantern at Swamp Bottom lead you to her house, sorta. Now that it’s released I have no more excuses, except the fact that my animation (one year in the works) is being released on October 2nd. Once that is released I will be much more free to work on this build.

I recently visited Japan for the first time in my life (unusual, as I am half-Japanese). Having spent years studying Spirited Away and every single detail about it, including the architecture, decorations, styles, I thought that a lot of it was completely made up by Miyazaki. Visiting Japan I found out that SO much of Spirited Away is based on real Japanese culture. These pictures were taken at Edo Wonderland, a town recreated to look like Japan in the Edo period, 1603-1868. Notice the same blue curtains in front of bath areas (the character “yu” meaning hot water), the exact same red railings with decorative metal embellishments on the end posts, the same crosshatched siding, and even the same red lanterns. The lower class buildings matched the ones in Spirited Away as well.

Now that I’m back from Japan, I’m very excited to implement more Japanese culture into this build. Also, the new items, namely banners, will be used frequently, in creative ways. Also a while back I started making the Totoro house, and I believe I know a lot more about traditional Japanese houses now. So expect to see that before the end of the year.


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